I keep researching it… but here’s what they say about me:

Pilar Marina is a girl whom from her curiosity observes the world around her with very awaken eyes. Her children’s universe was portrayed in drawings and paintings under her mother’s watchful eye, whom from early on sensed that her daughter would follow her footsteps as a craftswoman and multidisciplinary artist.

From a young age she expressed her vocation: “I want to build beautiful houses to make people happy”, and with the tenacity of those who are clear about what they want to dedicate themselves to in life, she began to study Architecture and also to visit works, because the theory was insufficient for a restless spirit. So many visits led her to start her professional career prematurely, and at the age of 19, combining it with her two careers, she began working in a well-known architecture firm in Barcelona.

A few years have passed, but their mission remains intact, and Pilar Marina projects and develops spaces that are the reflection of happy people, open and sociable spaces, tailored to people, faithful reflection of their personality and in harmony with the environment.

Beyond an architect, Pilar Marina is an interior designer with an artistic universe: Pilar empathetically dialogues with spaces.

Thus, its process of inspiration begins with a silent walk through the space and the surrounding environment. Let every corner whisper to you that’s what you need. And she listens intently. Sometimes to concentrate and visualize her new project, she needs to hug her best friend, a violin that accompanies her from the age of 5 wherever she goes. And when inspiration comes up, he lets her out and gives her all the space and strength … and then nuance it to the person’s measure and their way of being because “Your home is a reflection of who you are. That’s why every detail counts.”

… by Cristina Masachs